Immigration Matters

Barclay Churchill provides specialist advice and legal representation across all immigration matters.

Australian Immigration Law is complex and changes frequently. Accordingly, it may pose unique challenges to those seeking entry into Australia.

All non-citizens who wish to travel to or remain in Australia must hold a visa to that effect.

We can provide assistance on attaining:

Barclay Churchill is up to date on all recent developments in immigration law that could potentially affect your visa application. We are experts at navigating through migration laws and procedures to ensure that our clients achieve their migration needs.

We explain the process in simple and concise language.

We provide step-by-step support and advice.

We make sure you understand what we’re talking about.

Call us at our Sydney office on 02 9635 3777 or our Parramatta office on 02 9635 377 for a confidential discussion, or fill in our online enquiry form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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